Precauzioni per l'acquisto di un ombrello

- 2021-06-11-

1. Prestare attenzione al peso e alle dimensioni delombrello. The lighter and more compact ombrello is naturally better.
2. Scegli unautomatic ombrello. If you are out with a bag or other things in your hand, an automatic ombrello brings you a lot of convenience.
3. Guarda le dimensioni delombrello after it is opened. Generally, the diameter of a folding ombrello is about 58 cm, but when you need to go out with your baby, you can consider buying an ombrello with a diameter of 60 cm or more.
4. Looking at the fabric of the ombrello, generally speaking, the ombrello surface is made of cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics which have poor UV protection effect, while the polyester ombrello surface ombrello has a better shading effect. The shade of the ombrello surface will not affect the resistance to ultraviolet rays.
5. When checking the quality of the ombrello, the important point is to look at the windproof performance of the ombrello.
6. It is best to choose an ombrello made of Teflon fabric. When used in rainy weather, it not only has good waterproof performance, but also dries quickly.
7. In the choice of ombrello color and style, you certainly have your own preferences, but you must also properly consider your age and status and the occasions where the ombrello is used.

8. Pay attention to whether the ombrello comes with a convenient storage pocket, and whether the pocket has a lanyard or loop, which will make it more convenient for you to carry it.